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So I’ve done a few more style things for my portfolio site to branch off of a past project we had where we had to draw ourselves in 5 styles. (its on here, but its a few pages back)

I completely adore drawing in different styles! I love showing versatility and I do believe it is one of my stronger suits as an artist. ; v ; I just want to get better and better at it and draw more styles.

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  4. idrawgood said: HOLY FUCKING SHIT VERSATILITY AHOY! I’m fuckin blown away by your talent, gurl! What style is the bottom left? It feels a lot like Oxboxer’s style, but I dunno. I’m fucking floored by that Pokemon style @__@
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jenksdrawsshitHi I'm Jenks and I draw things.

Most of the time there's going to be sketches and convention works posted here!



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